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Here's the stuff on Supine Orchestra's 3 albums. Please click on the album covers to see all the lyrics, or take a listen to some of the tracks on the Player. Check out a brand new unreleased track "The Grand Union" too.

Marek's Camp (Half Eaten Records HER15)

Mareks Camp CD cover Mareks Camp CD back cover

Lyrics icon  Release date 28 March 2014

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"Marek's Camp" is our third album. Released in March 2014 it features 12 original tracks taking inspiration from the Norwegian Black Metal scene, drunken sea beasts, the paintings of George Shaw, petrichor, packets of herbal teabags, Robert Smith with a hangover and the microcosm/macrocosm/beautiful imperfections of love.

Oil on Beaverboard (Half Eaten Records HER09)

Oil on beaverboard CD cover Oil on beaverboard CD cover Oil on beaverboard CD cover

Lyrics icon  Release date July 2010

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"Oil on Beaverboard" is the critically acclaimed second album and was produced in July 2010. There’s 13 tracks taking inspiration from a variety of random doodles; Titian paintings; Frank Lloyd Wright's houses; Alzheimer’s; Bollo; drunken gods, drunken accidents and drunken gods in drunken accidents; hospital waiting rooms; the odd David Gordon Green film; and tales of death and infidelity across the Mid-West (Midlands)


"An album with presence and thought-provoking songs...reflecting their calm, unruffled and slightly jaded view of the world....gently placing an original stick in the country/folk/acoustic ground... There’s depth, intrigue and observation that will engage from the first... This album is a carefully crafted subtle selection of melodious acoustic country folk. If you’re stressed, uptight or just plain scratchy, this album will ease the strain away" (Folkwords)


"My Imaginary God" shows they know how to write a catchy pop melody, while the tropical lilting "Taliesin West" displays their instrumental prowess. This is perfect music to dig out when skies are sunny, the beer’s chilled and the smell of new mown grass is on the wind. Just don’t poke around too much in the lyrical undergrowth, there may be worms" (Net Rhythms)


"It takes a lot of hard work to make something sound as effortless as "Oil On Beaverboard" all strength to them they seem to have this melodious folk pop pretty much off pat…… lyrics worth paying attention to, positively bristling with great phrasing and cunning observation…… reminiscent of the scene in a Spaghetti Western, where the film's ultracool hero/gunslinger has his hat pulled over his eyes whilst his horse pulls him in a travois across the grasslands." (Fatea Magazine)


"An oddball collection of songs that skirts the imagination... A defiantly lo-fi smorgasbord of songs... The album ploughs this furrow with aplomb and conviction" (Americana.UK)


"A more matured and haunting offering of indie-folk......admirable warm and emotional qualities... mellow outbursts of accordion, slide guitar, mandolin and percussion keep the interest flowing like a Jewish man’s savings account …. Supine Orchestra are deeply melancholic songwriters, yet polished and refined to that respect …. includes The National-esque track ‘Under The Radar’ and the hushed downbeat quality of ‘Cold Carry On’ that makes itself akin to one of the emperors of downbeat - Elliott Smith". (Bearded Magazine)

Stumble, Mumble...Talk (Half Eaten Records HER12)

Stumble Mumble Talk CD cover Stumble Mumble Talk CD back cover

Lyrics icon  Release date December 2008

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"Stumble, Mumble... Talk" is the debut album, which was originally released in December 2008 and was also re-released by Half Eaten Records in June 2012. Featuring 11 original tracks, and inspired by gazing blankly out of the window, it’s that feeling you get when you walk into the kitchen and forget what you went in there for…. but with ukuleles.

The album includes ‘Rodriguez and Me’ ("imagine Calexico by way of Barry Adamson scoring a film for Shane Meadows"), a mini-story of petty criminals getting stuck in factory air vents and making their getaway by diving headfirst into an industrial-sized skip of cooking oil; the folk stylings of ‘August 31’ with massed voices and acapella passages; ‘God’s Big Fat Arse’ with its simple acoustic strum and double vocal and "My Favourite Rock ‘n’ Roll Death" describing failed attempts to press the self-destruct button... but in the style of hairy-backed heavy metal singers.


"Supine is Sublime.....Rich Sykes and Joel Kendrick pen some right gems....the perfect antidote to the mindless blather of one-eyed pop sludge sullying today's airwaves....the Supines maintain a suitable degree of edge, primarily through the use of intelligent lyrics. While they certainly don't come across as trying to ape the truly wonderful Half Man Half Biscuit, the quality of the Supine's often cutting and witty lyrics nevertheless puts them in the same camp. The second track Mrs Clytheroe, for instance, has the lovely line: "His love was like a cattle grid, but rougher and much shorter", the very last track Morphine, without being morbid, offers the listener a highly commendable approach to death...don't be all mournful but "drink to my passing tonight" and the excellently entitled My Favourite Rock'n'Roll Death. has more great lyrics, including a catchy chorus ripe for repeating down the pub, and is underpinned by lecky guitar licks that give the song a raw, driving quality befitting its self-destructive theme...Download the album to find out more. Trust me, you'll be glad you did." (The International Rake & Herald)


‘My Brother, The Horse’ is a minimal Fahey-esque piece with pretty guitar figures and suggestions of woodblock percussion. ‘Selina, You Can Have Your Uke Tune Back’ is another instrumental of some interest with the ukulele running figures of eight whilst Indian sounding percussion provides a pulsating stomach to digest the simple chords... In truth the Supine Orchestra’s name and album title are self-deprecatory - these songs are slow to reveal themselves and an impatient approach would be one that missed out on some beauty" (Americana.UK)

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